Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Bungalows

Our week at Puerto Plata's #1 resort was an exercise in luxury and decadence. The resort was located on a hilltop above the more pedestrian Sun Village.

Initially, we took frequent golf cart rides down the hill to use the beach and visit the theme restaurants, but more and more we stayed up top for the in-pool chaise lounges and the superior food and beverages at the Bungalows restaurant, the Social. It was at the pool that Boss befriended Wallace Poole, a musician who performs a Willie Nelson tribute.

The Social Restaurant: unlimited Glenfiddich, filet mignon with bordelaise sauce, and passionfruit creme brulee

We had a suite of three rooms, two large bedrooms and a central room with galley kitchen, dining area, and living room. All three rooms had plasma televisions, Jacuzzis, and full baths. The rooms had large, airy, interconnected verandas, perfect for reading with a Brugal aƱejo.

The Queen of Quirkiness

As usual Kathy kept the proceedings moving. She had some memorable lines that amused us all, including these:

>On tipping the golf cart drivers--"Two dollars, or one at the most."

>On setting the AC-- "I punched some buttons." (She'd set it to heat.)

>While reading City of Thieves--"How many chickens can an egg lay in a week?"

>On being able to rent purchased weeks--"Lourdes (the agent) said 60-40. That's 50%."

>On dressing for dinner, and our concierge-- "I want to talk to Davio when I change into my capris."

We also had a couple of misadventures. I was reading on the bed when Kathy decided to take a bubble bath in the jacuzzi 20 feet away. Suddenly, I got hit with a stream of soapy water worthy of a water cannon (the top jet hadn't been covered by the water when Kathy turned it on). Pages 42-3 of Suttree will never be the same.

And finally, the TSA agent who inspected Kathy's carry-on was shocked to find a quart of tapioca pudding. Her explanation, "But I just bought it," did not get it on the plane.

Ah, but it's quirks such as these--and savvy, and charm--that make Kathy the best traveling companion that I've ever known.