Friday, May 29, 2009

Proud Father Moment

Photograph by Matt McShane

Congratulations to my daughter, Erin Kate, for receiving her MSW from Boston College. She will be an outstanding advocate for the downtrodden in society.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Goodbye Bungalow

The Quincy bungalow has served the family well since 1969 or so. It was my parents' downsize house, purchased when youngest child John was in high school. They installed an in-ground pool to make up for selling the Falmouth cottage, and nicknamed the pool patio "Belmont Terrace."

It was the Grammy's pride and joy. She decorated it to her ornate tastes, including three chandeliers and sculpted wall-to-wall carpeting in the main rooms. The bungalow was the site of many a pool party, and most of the grandchildren learned to swim there.

After Dad passed away in 2001, it was soon apparent that the Grammy wouldn't be able to live alone. When she had to go to assisted living, I moved in and updated the decor, refinishing the white oak floors and replacing the yellowed colonial wallpaper with elegant colors from Benjamin Moore. I bought the house from the estate and lived there until moving to the North Shore to be with Kathleen. The final family tenant has been my daughter Erin, who has lived there while completing her MSW degree at Boston College.

A few days after my mentioning to neighbors that I was putting the house up for sale, one stopped by and asked if a young couple she knew could see it. They came for a tour, and two days later bought the house on a handshake--no brokers, no agents, no open houses.

The young couple is beyond excited. The house will be well-loved.