Sunday, January 11, 2009

The blog is dead. Long live the blog.

Below is the last entry in my long-time public blog, "Brininess and Volubility". "Kilty's Wake" is the private, family-oriented blog that I'll be maintaining in its place.

Thank you, and Goodnight

The time has come to bring this journal to an end.

It began on AOL as "Trickle of Semi-consciousness" in April, 2003. It migrated to Blogspot in November of 2005 as "Single Man Writing", and evolved into "Brininess and Volubility" as the course of my life changed. Much to my amusement, it made a minor internet celebrity out of my mother, who never touched a computer in her life.

Now I find that it has become somewhat repetitive and is on the way to becoming stale. I think a private, family-oriented photo-blog suits me better as I embrace grandfatherhood and approach the age of sixty. I would like to acknowledge the loyal band of readers who have paid heed to my words. You are not many, but you are kind.

I leave you with some Irish reggae from my boys from Galway.

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Mark O said...

A family blog sounds great. I had to enter your blog this time "as a guest" but I'll ask Mark to set up an account for me. Start checking out the Spoleto Festival in Charleston. It's going on during Laura's wedding week. Hopefully, I'll have a hotel nailed down for us soon. The band is "Papa Soul." I know you'll like them....lots of Motown AND Carolina Shag!! I'm sure they'll let you do a "Billy Ingraham" version of your favorite Irish song!