Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Evan's Big Day

Grandson Evan and his parents Matt and Christine visited us last weekend with hopes of joining us on one of our legendary Pickering Wharf dinner cruises. The forecast called for a blustery day, so we formulated a backup plan, a visit to Russell Orchards in Ipswich, in case Salem Sound was too rough for safe and comfortable boating.

When Matt and I pronounced the seas acceptable, we decided to go ahead with both the farm and the cruise.

Evan's first order of business was to select that special pumpkin. Christine has found a nice one, but Evan has his eye on another.

After hobnobbing with the local goose, pig, and turkey population, Evan turned his attention to one of the farm tractors.

Grampy and Mimi got into the act, much to Evan's amusement.

Later in the afternoon, we all climbed aboard Kilty's Wake for our cruise over to Salem. Evan showed a bit of consternation at first--all that water!

However, he quickly adapted and was soon back in high spirits, especially when bouncing over boat wakes. At dinner on Pickering Wharf, he again demonstrated his ability to charm twenty-something waitresses, a talent he had first revealed during August's visit to Popponesset.

Mimi and Grampy navigated the craft back to Beverly, ending an exciting but exhausting day.

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